Let’s Encrypt

I have disabled Cloudflare and enabled Let’s Encrypt on amccoll.com.

It’s free, open source, and backed by every big player on the Internet. Big thanks to my host, SiteGround, for implementing a two-click installer so quickly.

I have also loaded a WordPress plugin to enforce https, so as you browse and use my site, make sure you’ve got a little padlock icon like this in the top left corner of your browser at all times.


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Powerful force is behind Global Times

First read the editorial “Powerful force is behind Panama Papers

In Reply

It must be hard being a journalist in China. And getting harder.

Or all the intellectually robust candidates have long since changed careers.

Regardless, all discourses must be critically interrogated, in the pursuit of something like justice/truth/progress (delete as applicable to leave one you believe in).

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On why I have decided to start a blog

I am a great believer in Voltaire’s proclamation that “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one.” Most all of my thoughts and beliefs are subject not only to the continual external criticism and scepticism life throws at us all but also internally, from myself. It is, I think, all part of a continual project of self-improvement or perhaps more accurately, self-actualisation.

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