Obama’s inappropriate remarks on Brexit

Barrack Obama is truly a frustrating character to me. In seemingly equal parts he appears to:

  • Be unwilling to do or say very much on important issues – such as black rights in America;
  • Say some deeply profound things and reveal the extent to which he’s been completely roadblocked in his ambitions – such as his 20,000 word interview in The Atlantic;
  • Rail against corporate interests and structural disadvantage – as in most of his campaign for the White House in 2008;
  • Support the very worst of American foreign policy – big business first asymmetric trade deals like ACTA, TPP, TTIP, and clandestine drone and assassination operations.

And so, just as I was beginning again to warm to this reflective, increasingly outspoken Obama in his last year in power I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself confronted by his other side. His remarks about the British European Union referendum in June are completely inappropriate.

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